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John Kotter

Forandringsvision og dobbelt styresystem 
Kotter´s grundbegreber: Forandringsvision og Dobbelt styresystem.
1:  Forandringsvision for et backcasting mål.
2: Dobbelt styresystem, dvs at ens organisation bevarer det traditionelle hierarkiske styresystem og opbygger et nyt fleksibelt styresystem til at sætte nye mål/visioner og styre hastige forandringsprocesser. ...


The rise and fall of Nokia 
Yves L. Doz and Keeley Wilson 2018: Ringtone: Exploring the rise and fall of Nokia in mobile phones.
Oxford University Press. ... 


Dual Transformation
How to Reposition Today’s Business
While Creating the Future
Scott D. Anthony, Clark G. Gilbert, and Mark W. Johnson 2017. 

Dual transformation describes two parallel change efforts in response to disruptive shock waves: one to reposition the core business (transformation A), and the other to unlock new growth in a new market (transformation B). ... pdf ... ..

Case in local media​: Deseret
Deseret VP: How Disruption Can Drive Digital Media Companies".
...  is often mentioned in conversations about companies doing disruptive things in local media. ...
Deseret’s president, Clark Gilbert, has written about disruption within a “legacy” company and how the two can and should coexist ... ... 

About Deseret News 
... Utah's oldest daily newspaper ...

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