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Blockchain CRM

How blockchain-based identity could change digital marketing
The MetaMask plug-in turns Chrome into a blockchain browser, offering a glimpse of how a new kind of consumer identity and e-commerce might work.
If you install MetaMask on the Chrome browser, create an account with just a password and go to a site like crypto-currency exchange Oasis, you’re automatically logged in. ...  such a visitor is “a customer, but not in the traditional CRM space.” The site could add loyalty points and even track behavior, but the user doesn’t need to relinquish identity to be recognized or to buy stuff with this browser-based identity wallet. ...

How Blockchains Accelerate the CX Arms Race
How Blockchain Technology Will Change Marketing, Sentiment Detection, and Customer Interaction.
... “What do you mean I can’t sell my loyalty points on an exchange?” ... ...


MetaMask lets you run an Ethereum app in your browser.
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Blockchains in the Mainstream 
What will it take to get blockchains into the mainstream? What are the hurdles? The opportunities? 
Gratis bog. PDF 54 sider. ...
Review: Blockchains in the Mainstream ...

Jeremy Epstein
CEO of blockchain consultancy Never Stop Marketing